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How to start a wellness journal | The Driven Mama

How to Start a Wellness Journal for Better Health

What is a wellness journal?  And how is keeping a wellness journal different than keeping a regular journal?  A wellness journal is a journal dedicated to keeping track of your wellbeing. Rather than just writing out events of the day

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What is Wellness?

What is wellness?  Wellness is creating mindful awareness around all the things that impact your personal health, happiness, and fulfillment, and continually working towards creating your optimal scenario for wellness in that moment of time in your life.  This means,

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Featured Image | Stay Healthy This Summer for Busy Moms

5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy This Summer

Summer vs. Healthy Living – Which Will Win?  Following a strict diet and exercise regimen is hard. First and foremost, it’s hard to socialize or even leave the house when you have a set menu and schedule for eating. And

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Programs for Weight Loss | The Driven Mama
Weight Loss

Should I Start a Weight Loss Program?

Weight Loss Programs – Do They Work? In having conversations with my clients who set out a goal to lose weight, we often find that there are aspects about one weight loss program they love, but certain things about it

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When Everything Else Has to Be the Priority
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When Everything Else Has to Be the Priority

Because sometimes everyone and everything else has to be the priority! This isn’t an act of martyrdom or a complaint. This is life. There are moments, life events and family crises that require our focus shift—shift to the present, the

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About the Driven Mama

At The Driven Mama, we know what it means to be a busy, high-achieving mama who wants to be there for her family while also building a career, personal brand, and achieving success in the workforce. We know what it’s like to deal with the pressures, judgement, unsolicited mom-advice, and all the challenges in being a working mom in the this modern day because, well, we are one, too! 

We are on a mission to help moms achieve their career goals while setting a new standard for what it looks like to live well and feel their best so they can show up as their best selves when it’s most important, and in doing so, create a higher standard of health and wellness for the women of the future.

Being a driven mama has it’s challenges, but when we link arms together, we rise together in the process. We hope you’ll join us. 


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