If You want to Get Back to Being the High-Functioning Person you were before you had kids - without guilt or restriction - I Can Help.

What would happen if You Never Felt...

  • Overwhelmed and stressed about all the responsibilities and tasks being put on your plate.
  •  Like you were ignoring your personal well-being because you are so focused on your work and family life. 
  • Completely burned out.

And Instead, You...

  • Felt a sense of balance between your work, family life, and personal well-being. 
  • Had the time and space in your life to take care of yourself the way that helps you feel re-energized. 
  • Had and ongoing plan to feel your best, reduce your stress, and show up as your best self in work and life. 

If one or all of these sound like something you want for your life, you're in the right place.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jen.

I work with busy moms to reclaim time and energy in their day so they can manage work life, family life and still  have time to care for themselves so they can show up as the high-functioning woman they know they can be. 

Are you ready to thrive as a mom and the driven woman you know you are?  

I had an initial strategy session with Jen. Our conversation refreshing and enlightening. We agreed on a plan to get me started on an exercise program, and I’m happy to say (weeks later) that it’s been sticking! Thank you Jen!
Jennifer Wilson

Besides a coach...

I’m a mom to 2 busy ( and silly)  kiddos, a cycle teacher, and a lover to wine, dogs, and wood-fired pizza. 

I’m a passion-driven visionary (Futuristic my top result in Strength Finders), and I am obsessed with learning others’ stories and hearing about their visions for the future. 

Before starting my private practice in 2018, I worked in the corporate world for 10 years in sales, project management and leadership roles. 

I could talk to people all day asking questions about their life, digging deeper, and finding out what their core motivation is and how it aligns with their values and strengths. 


Board Certified with Life experience

I’m a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, & Certified Cycle Instructor living in Minneapolis.

When I became a mom, I had no idea how much life would change. I thought “yeah, it’s like living the life I have now, just with kids.” How funny is that?! 

I realized how important it was to care for myself in ways that felt like a good fit for me (and not someone else’s idea of what I should be doing) that could fit in with my busy and unpredictable mom life – not only for my own health and well-being, but so I could show up as the person I wanted to be for my family and my work

I personally know the struggles moms experience with balancing work and life (I worked in corporate and leadership positions for 10 years before starting my own coaching practice!) or setting boundaries or finding time to feel cared for. 

Life happens – especially as a mom, and above all, we need self-compassion and flexibility in our lives, especially when it comes to our well-being. 

I have completed extensive trainings and certifications to take my personal experience and combined with evidence-based and effective coaching practices to help busy moms get back to feeling like their best self and thriving in life again. 

If you’re a mom looking to reclaim your time and energy in your day while conquering the demands of work life and family like all while still having time for yourself, you’re in the right place! 

Jen is a great listener, she hears your struggles and helps you gain clarity and forward motion. From the first second she's friendly, welcoming and makes you feel comfortable to share in order to grow. I fully recommend online sessions with Jen!
Alison D.

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Why is Wellness For Busy Moms so Important to me?

Imagine if….
  • Your daughter saw how you made sure you’re needs were a priority, so when she becomes a mom, it’s natural for her to take care of herself, too. 
  • Your son saw you voice your needs as a mom, a woman, and giving yourself permission to make mistakes and be imperfect, so he can support the same thoughts for his partner someday. 
  • Instead of feeling shameful and guilty when your best attempts to be healthy go awry, you live with self-compassion and never felt deprived or restricted in your choices. 

The Driven Mama’s mission is to help moms create a new standard for what it looks like to live well and feel their best, so they can show up as their best selves when it’s the most important, and in doing so, create a higher standard of health and wellness for the women of the future.

I’ve seen so many friends and clients come to me struggling, overwhelmed, and exhausted because they don’t know any other way. You might even be feeling that way, too.

It would be so easy to settle for feeling less than your best self, and just let the next several years slide by constantly struggling with work/life balance, feeling stressed all the time, and suffering the health consequences for it.  

In fact, I’ve had clients come to me after years of living this way with a lot of regrets for not taking control of their life and well-being sooner. 

The truth is, there’s no one size-fits-all program or solution that is going to work for every mom out there. We are unique humans that require a unique approach to balancing our health & well-being along side the chaos and unpredictable nature of mom life, which is why my coaching programs are designed specifically with flexibility and ease moms need in their life. 

My clients are always excited to learn  how they can reclaim their time, energy and still be a present mom at the same time! Yes, it’s possible! 

Part of taking care of your Family Is taking care of yourself. 

Let’s take the first step together. 

Jen Wright, Wellness and Success Coach