Living your best driven mama life is all about finding what works best for you in your life, but we know how helpful it can be to get ideas and inspiration from other mamas going through a similar time in their life. This is why we created the Featured Driven Mama of the Month! 

Meet Mary Czarnecki

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Tell Us About Yourself

As a Marketing Strategist and Consultant, I help business owners create sustainable growth by connecting with their audiences at a deep level, creating irresistible offers, and getting those offers in front of the right people. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my husband, Chris, and our two boys. I love the outdoors and I’m always up for a hike in the woods or a weekend camping trip. I’m a former Jersey Girl now raising my business and family in Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country.

What are you insanely passionate about?

Professionally, I really love sharing what I’ve learned working with “big brands” like Johnson & Johnson and WebMD and empowering ambitious female entrepreneurs to grow and thrive with a simple but strategic approach. Personally, I SO love exploring with my boys (5 and 7)! Seeing them experience something new for the first time is incredible, whether it’s getting out and wandering around a new city, going for a hike in the woods or even just getting crafty at home with an art project. I helps me look at the world with fresh eyes!

Our mamas love to hear about Daily Routines.
Tell us About Yours.

Day in the Life: – 5am Rise and Shine – 530am Mini Morning Ritual with Collagen Coffee and Breathing Exercise – 545am Review my “Big 3 List” for my day’s plan – 6am Meetings with Mentor/Mastermind or Client Work – 9am Corporate day begins (meetings, calls, deliverable creation) – 12pm Lunch break, Client Work, Social (reply to emails, comments, DMs) – 5pm Corporate day winds down – 530pm Errands and sports with the boys – 630pm Family Dinner – 730pm Bedtime ritual with the boys (books, brush teeth, cuddles) – 8pm Wind down or extra work or self care time -10pm Bedtime

Let's Talk about Self-Care...

How do you define "self-care" in your life?

For me, self care doesn’t have to take HOURS (although I wouldn’t turn down a spa day!). I think about it as simple but effective ways I can take time each day to recharge my batteries and serve myself so that in turn, I can serve others that I care about – whether that’s family, clients or my community.

What are your favorite self-care activities?

I love my mini morning ritual with my coffee and breathing exercise. The warm drink in the morning is soothing and I also add protein or collagen powder for a boost. I also like taking an “intentional moment” when I’m switching from one task to another to breath, do a mini grounding visualization and make sure to drink my water! On a monthly basis, I love massages and aim to get one once per month, as well as a refresh on my mani-pedi.

How do you find balance in your life?

Balancing #allthethings is more of an ongoing practice for me rather a “once and done” exercise. I’ve learned to accept that not everything on “the list” will get done – and that’s ok. Getting clear on my priorities helps provide focus and decision support when I have to choose what is going to get done – and what’s not.

Let's Talk About Mom Life...

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

The hugs! And the sweet way my guys will be wrestling or running around like crazy people, but then stop and come over to tell me, “I love you, mama.”

How do you make your kids part of your "Driven Mama Life"?

I share what I do for work with my boys on a level that they can understand. I tell them why I am doing the work I do and share how it makes me feel and who I’m helping. My youngest likes to say, “My mama tells stories for her job.” And I guess that’s pretty true!

Do you Ever experience "mom-guilt"?

Of Course

How do you Deal with it?

Get in touch with the source of the guilt – where it’s really coming from – and look it straight in the face rather than ignoring it. And ask for help! You aren’t alone, even if you feel like you’re the only one that must be feeling this way.

Our mamas are always asking for family-friendly recipes. What's your favorite one?

This recipe is my favorite! Avocado Chocolate Mousse

How about your favorite way to stay active as a busy Mom?

I love weight lifting and taking a walk in nature (or really anything that gets me outdoors!)

Let's Talk About Your Driven Mama Life...

What is your favorite tool to help you manage a busy life?

I have become a big fan of ordering groceries – saves time and also avoids the temptation of all those extras I toss in the cart! I also use google calendar for tracking everything that has to happen – and block my full day out, including work time, family time and also “free” time (similar to financial budgeting systems where every dollar has a job – except every hour has a job in my day!). I also have a few apps I love for breathing and meditation – including breethe, TappingSolution and Oak. I’m also a big fan of the platejoy app for coming up with healthy recipes!

Sometimes we all need to get help at times. What do you delegate in your work and life?

Yes – I have a VA that helps me with a variety of tasks including re-purposing content, podcast/speaking arrangements, and content development. We have a house cleaner come in for a “Weekly Re-Set” (my fave day of the week!).

WHat is Your best piece of advice to the driven mama reading this right now?

Give yourself grace! Having my boys threw me for a serious loop for several years – and it’s ok to feel like a hot mess. Ask for help early and often and remember you’re not alone. Your journey will be different that everyone else’s, but it will be amazing!

Let's Have a Little Fun...

If you had an extra 15-minutes in your day, what would you do with it?

I’d take more walks!

If you had an extra $5,000 to spend, how would you spend it?

I really want to take my boys and husband to Yellowstone National Park – so a trip there for a week sounds like a great use of the money!

What is one thing making you so happy right now?

I feel like I’ve come out of “baby fog” and am really enjoying this phase of childhood where they are more independent but also still want mama hugs!

About the Featured Mama of The Month: 

Mary Czarnecki believes in helping motivated entrepreneurs and business owners craft their unforgettable messages and attract their ideal clients online to scale their reach and impact the lives of families everywhere. Mary is a Marketing Strategist and Business Mentor with nearly 20 years’ experience with companies such as WebMD and Johnson & Johnson and earned her MBA from Yale School of Management. After spending nearly two decades helping Fortune 500 companies grow their businesses, she’s now committed to doing the same for ambitious female entrepreneurs. Today, Mary works with business owners to grow their impact and profits by connecting to their ideal audiences online. Using her three-part signature system, the Client Rich Roadmap, she teaches her clients how to connect with their audiences at a deeper level, create irresistible offers, and get those offers in front of the right people. Mary received her Masters in Business Administration from the Yale School of Management and her Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
Learn More:

Mary’s Website

What an awesome mama! Be sure to check back next month for our next featured driven mama of the month! 

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