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Meet Jen

Jen is a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Cycle Instructor, and healthy lifestyle advocate living in Southwest Minneapolis, MN.

But most of all, she’s a mom who believes you shouldn’t have to suffer just so everyone else around you can thrive.

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5 Gifts Moms Really NEED for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2020 is going to look very different from previous years. Traditions of brunch out, family gatherings, or family outings may not be feasible right now. And even though some places are reopening, the kids and your partner may not be able to get away for their typical shopping trip.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your journey as a mother!

Consider filling your wish list with some of the gift ideas I’ve shared for a refreshing day – and possibly new traditions for years to come.

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Wine Guilt and the Workin Mama

Whether wine, chocolate, meditation, exercise, or something else is your favorite way to unwind, making space for yourself as a busy, working mom is a must. Check out how I’ve learned to unwind without (or in spite of) mom guilt.

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How to Find Joy on the Hardest Days

Peace of mind seems to have gone out the window with spring break plans, end-of-school celebrations, and a sense of normalcy. If you’re like me, you may often find yourself asking how to find joy in the midst of this crisis, how to hold on to peace when everything seems so uncertain, how to hold on to hope on the hardest of days.

If these thoughts and feelings sound familiar, you’re not alone, mama – and it’s ok to feel this way! But, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on maintaining peace of mind (and sanity!).

Check out some of my go-to strategies for tapping into joy on my hardest days.

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3 Stress Relieving Exercises for the Home Office

Whether your home office is a permanent or temporary setup, these office stretches are great for reducing both stress and anxiety. The best part is, even just two to three minutes of stretching is enough to help your nervous system reset, reduce stress, and give you the energy to tackle whatever is thrown at you next.

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