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ComeBack with Confidence™

A Mettacool virtual group coaching program for working mothers to make the transition from work to motherhood and back to work an easier process.

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The Driven Mama™ is a proud partner of Mettacool

Metta Mama virtual Group Coaching Program

Mettacool’s Metta Mama | ComeBack with Confidence™ is a group coaching program that enables working women to successfully prepare for and transition back to work after maternity leave. Designed as a workshop series, the program consists of three group coaching workshops where mothers have the opportunity to:

Pregnant working mom

About The Program: 

Three 90-minute virtual group coaching sessions (workshop style). 

All three group coaching sessions will be held online via Zoom Video Conferencing.  

Attendance at all 3 sessions is highly recommended. 

Who should attend:

First time working mothers and expecting moms who are planning to return back to work after maternity leave and want to make the transition from work to leave to work as easy as possible. 

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Join the waitlist. 

The Driven Mama™ is a proud partner of Mettacool

Jen Wright, NBC-HWC

Jen Wright is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. 

After 10 years of working corporate roles ranging from sales, project management, and leadership roles, she decided to pursue her passion for helping women transition into motherhood through coaching. 

As a coach, Jen focuses on working with moms who are challenged with the day-to-day struggles of managing their own well-being through work-like balance, and stress management techniques. 

Jen is a mom to a 3 year old and 5 year old and lives in Southwest Minneapolis.


"As I approached my return to work, I found it challenging to wrap my mind around the transition from motherhood back to spending my days in a social, business setting; two worlds that felt vastly different. My coach helped me transpire my overwhelming thoughts and feelings onto paper, and into a feasible plan. We worked together to map actionable goals towards an accountability plan to ensure my needs could be met."
Metta Mama Coaching Participant
"I’ve continued my coaching sessions with Metta Mama well into my return to work, and largely attribute my overall positive feeling of achieving a balanced, working mom lifestyle to the incredible guidance, advice, and accountability in which I continue to gain through Mettacool."
- Past Metta Mama Coaching Participant

The Driven Mama™ is a proud partner of Mettacool


Most frequent questions and answers

Congratulations! Depending on how long your maternity leave is, this might be great timing for you! 
The program is intended for you to be at the end of your pregnancy or on maternity leave for the first session, which the 2nd and 3rd sessions are scheduled after the collective group has returned from maternity leave.

If you’re newly pregnant, or are planning to take an extended maternity leave,  you may want to wait to sign up for a future cohort of this group coaching program. 

Yes! We encourage new moms and expecting moms to talk to their employer about sponsoring them to participate in this program. 

We are currently accepting a wait list of moms who would like to be part of the next cohort in summer 2020. Fill out the waitlist form and we’ll contact you as soon as new information is available for our next cohort. 

This cohort of Come Back with Confidence is limited to 10 – 15 women in order to make sure we can maintain a private and intimate group. 

We recommend signing up for this cohort if you are in your final trimester of pregnancy or are newly on maternity leave when the first session starts. The 2nd and 3rd sessions will take place once everyone has returned back to work. 

For this reason, it may be best to wait until the next cohort of this group coaching program. Please email Mettacool if you have any questions or to be notified of future program dates. 

This particular program is intended for new moms who have been out on maternity leave and are planning their return from work without an extended gap. 
However, Mettacool offers transition coaching, which is a great fit for you if you’re transitioning back to work after extended time off!

For questions about this program, please contact team@mettacool.com.

The Driven Mama™ is a proud partner of Mettacool